UCSF's Mission Center Building
UCSF's Dogpatch Location

Our Vision

Trusted strategic partners working together with our clients to achieve exceptional results in support of the university’s mission.  We achieve this by focusing 70% of our time on value-creation activities, which include growth strategies, decision support, and effectiveness and 30% on value-preservation activities, such as transactions, standardization, and efficiencies.

Guiding Principles

What we deliver:  We provide reliable timely services, client specific advice and fiscal stewardship to guide and improve business operations.

What we believe in:  We believe in a supportive, collaborative environment that fosters quality work and value-add solutions.

What we are:  Life-long learners, committed to promoting professional growth through continuous learning.

The FAS Finance Service Center provides accounting, planning, financial reporting & forecasting, IT data management solutions and associated services for all departments of the FAS Senior Vice Chancellor as well as the FAS control point.  

The FSC is organized into 3 distinct units:

  1. Business Partner Services, including capital projects and utilities accounting
  2. FAS Control Point Finance Management and Compliance Services
  3. Operational IT and Data Management Services.