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Departments and Effective Dates

Effective Date of Agreement

July 1, 2014



Departments Served


AVC Finance

Budget Office

Campus Life Services

Campus Planning

Capital Programs


Campus Procurement and Contracting

Facilities Management

Human Resources

Information Technology Services

Legal Affairs

Program Management Office


Real Estate

Risk Management

Strategic Comm. & Univ. Rel. (SCUR)


SVC Finance & Administration

Overview and Objectives

This document is the service delivery agreement between the FAS Financial Service Center (FSC) and the departments listed above. The purpose of this document is to create an understanding of the goals and objectives of the FAS FSC and services that will be delivered to meet departmental business needs. This service delivery agreement provides a comprehensive listing of finance services performed by FAS FSC. While departments cannot opt out of using FAS FSC, departments may not require every service available, therefore a separate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be written for each client department. At the discretion of FAS FSC and the client department, services that are not finance-related may be performed by FAS FSC and included in the MOU.

This service delivery agreement and related MOUs do not have specific expiration dates. The service delivery agreement and related MOUs will remain in effect indefinitely or until cancelled or superseded by FAS FSC and the client department. Cancellation of an agreement requires approval by the SVC Finance and Administration. The service delivery agreement and related MOUs will be periodically reviewed and updated, no less than annually, to reflect new services provided, services eliminated, and changing business needs of client departments and / or when supporting systems and tools are modified.

The FAS FSC is a regional center established to provide high-quality consistent and timely finance services to clients within FAS and select other UCSF departments. It is organized to deliver services in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner, providing subject matter expertise and knowledge of, and in compliance with, University policies, practices and procedures. As a service center, the FAS FSC is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and continually improving client services while upholding ethics and integrity standards.

FAS Finance Service Center
Director, Melanie Long

654 Minnesota Street
Suite 227
Box 0894


Service Center Staffing

An FAS FSC Business Partner has been assigned to each client department. The Business Partner is accountable for providing services in a professional and timely manner as outlined in this agreement. The Business Partner will draw support from a shared cross-trained support staff. Departments will utilize the assigned FAS FSC Business Partner as their point of contact. Depending on the nature of a specific work requirement, from time to time, an individual other than the Business Partner may be assigned to work with the client department. As the Business Partners and support staff will be cross-trained, there will always be back-up when the assigned Business Partner is not immediately available (vacations, business meetings or any other planned or unplanned absence).

In the event that escalation is required, please contact the location Director listed for your Business Partner’s physical location.